My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that golf’s “New Fundamentals” (what the best players in the world have in common), a clear understanding of the ball flight laws, along with a tour caliber short game (which any one can achieve) are the keys to playing your best golf in the shortest amount of time.

Notable Students

Bob L.,
3-Club Tour, Washington, DC

“I really enjoyed the class kudos to Keith who refined my already proficient putting stroke to make it more effective.”

Darren J.,
Beginner’s Tour, Washington, DC

“I thought that the instruction was well detailed and helped me observe what to do right and what I was doing wrong and how to improve my technique. I thought Keith, was responsive to questions and very personable.”

Jason K.

“I have two boys, ages 8 and 10, who both take lessons with Keith. They enjoy the instruction, and love the feedback he provides. Keith is very good with the boys, using his knowledge of the game and the latest video analysis to show them exactly what he’s looking for to help them become better players. Most importantly, they are having fun each time they spend time at Golfology.”

Mark A.

“Meeting Keith Jarvis at Golfology was an epiphany. Contemplating joining a private club of any sort in Northern Jersey is ridiculously expensive. Add in private golf lessons for my son, which was my ulterior motive, it was something I just could not do or afford. Not only are the lessons very reasonably priced, the complex is ideally located in Waldwick, NJ….my home town! We are just about to wrap up my son’s first EVER 10 lesson package and the training, information and overall beginner golf knowledge he’s learned in eight 30 minute sessions is mind boggling. My son has shown interest and recently talked about getting involved with the U.S. Kids Golf, which is who ironically I found out shortly after our lesson started that Keith is a certified Instructor for. Keith is wonderful for young kids just learning the game or at any level. He makes lesson fun and his affiliation to U.S. Kids Golf is just another added bonus! For a kid who has natural capabilities but never golfed, let alone owned or even held a golf club, he is on the verge of discovering just how fun Golf can actually be for a true beginner! From training aids to simulation and equipment, Golfology has all there is for golfers at any age and is the place to be to learn, practice and appreciate the game of golf. ”

Brian V.

“I really enjoy Keith’s golf instruction style. He makes each lesson fun, yet filled with lots of stroke saving drills, tips and ideas that have an immediate impact on your golf scores, without making you revamp your entire swing. After years of trying to teach myself from videos, books and magazine articles, I’ve concluded that the only way you’re going to break 90, 80, or 70 is through professional golf instruction. Keith Jarvis should be the golf professional at the top of your list to call right now!”

Bob L.

“I met Keith at a golf range nearly three years ago and he spent time with me providing some golf tips. In watching him work well with others of all ages, I expressed the desire to improve my game so began taking private lessons. Even though I took his instructions seriously and regularly play golf, he is responsible for taking my score from the 120’s down to the 80’s, something I could never have done without his instruction and knowledge of the sport. While golf is always challenging with score variation, I can say that today the game is fun and not frustrating to me as in the past. Thank you, Keith, for your patience in working with me. You’re a great pro-golf instructor!”

Norman J.

“Keith is an amazing golf instructor. He takes time to review your set up, grip and swing and does not try to change everything but only what needs changing. He is good at creating visual connections to the golf swing and making sure you get it to ingrain good habits moving forward. Keith is a gem in the golf instruction arena and can significantly help your golf game if you are ready for it. Cannot say enough about his great style of instruction. As technical as you want or it to be with Keith or more around feeling it – the way I learn best. Keith has it all!”

Patrick R.

“I was struggling terribly with golf and very discouraged about my ability to get out on the course without embarrassing myself until i started working with Keith. He is a very relaxed, patient teacher who has seen all the mistakes and has a fix for each one. He can get uber technical if that’s your style or keep it simple. I like the variety and my game has been transformed thanks to his instruction. I’ve gone from fearing the course to daydreaming about playing. If you want to get better, listen to Keith. It sure has worked for me.”

Lee D.

“I have had the privilege of taking lessons from Keith for over 20 years. I currently hold a +2 USGA handicap. and won player of the year in the amateur division in the Georgia PGA two years in a row, I have won Club Championship at my home club Jennings Mill in Athens, Ga. I am a 5 time winner of the Georgia Amateur Classic, a 1999 Oglethorpe Invitational Champion, and runner up in the Baltusral Invitational in New Jersey. I find Keith to be a true professional when it comes to teaching the mechanics of the golf swing. Keith can show you how to hit it father, roll it more consistently, get it up and down for that easy par when you miss the green, or any other aspect that need attention. I would highly recommend Keith for your every need when it comes to the Golf Swing or your Game.”

Tom H.

“I have been taking lessons from Keith for ~18 months. He is very knowledgeable about the game, different techniques used by the pro’s and how to quickly improve your ability to hit the ball solidly. I have always found it easy to make or adjust my lesson times after getting scheduled into the system. His automated system provides reminders of upcoming lessons. I highly recommend him.”


“I’ve been working with Keith J for 15 years and he has always been so patient and wonderful to work with. Every time I go in with a new issue that has come up he manages to get my swing right back where I need it to be. My whole family has taken lessons from him and they all have rave reviews!! His desire to learn and strive to be the best is infectious!! Thank you for always making time for us “normal folk”. Keep it up!! I can’t wait to get out there with you again soon.”

Rick Conner

“I took lessons from Keith Jarvis over a period of 2-3 years while he was based in Atlanta. Over that period of time, I progressed from being a mid to high 80’s golfer, to a low 80s to high 70’s golfer, with an occasional 74/75 during the year. Keith has a teaching style that resonated with me. The fundamentals that he imparts allow me to “go back to the basics” when I need to do so to get back on track. I now have a much more consistent golf swing, which changed from a fade path, to a draw ball flight. We worked on all aspects of the golf game, from driving, irons, as well as short game.”

Jon Bittmann

“I’m a lifelong golfer and I want to thank Keith Jarvis for helping me rebuild my swing from the ground up. Thanks to his use of the most modern teaching techniques, drills, and video, Keith has helped me — over a series of sessions — rediscover what it’s like to make solid contact shot after shot.

Most important, Keith offered no pat or cookie cutter solutions on my path to improvement. Rather he tailored his teachings to my physical capabilities and my understanding of the game. He is terrific at providing easy to retain swing thoughts and imagery that you can take from the practice range to the golf course.

This morning I arrived early for my session with Keith and got there while he was helping a brand new golfer learn the basics of the swing. In fifteen minutes he took this woman from a flatfooted wave at the ball, to a swing in which she was shifting her weight from back to front, pointing her shoulders and hips toward the target, and achieving a high follow through that made it look as if she had years of experience.

She left the session with a huge smile on her face.

If only I had met someone like Keith 50 years ago when I first started playing this wonderful game. ”